What is Microsoft Office Suite Software?

What Is Microsoft Office Suite Software? Microsoft Office suite software comprises an array of programs, such as word processor, spreadsheet tool, presentation software and email program, to provide one of the most popular office suite packages available – popular because you can access these applications either online through your web browser or locally on your computer – or subscribe monthly or annually with monthly or annual payment plans for this set. Furthermore there are other office suite programs from companies like Apple and Google as well as open source packages like LibreOffice available too.

As office suites can help increase productivity in the workplace, selecting an office suite requires keeping certain key considerations in mind when making your choice. One key point should be making sure it works seamlessly across platforms – both mobile and desktop – used daily by you and your employees – such as Microsoft Windows, macOS and Android operating systems; as well as any mobile devices used by them while traveling or working from remote locations.

As part of your office suite purchase decision, it’s also crucial to carefully consider its features. Some may be more important for specific businesses depending on the work being performed – for instance marketing firms might require robust presentation capabilities while wholesalers only require basic document creation capabilities. Other essential features may include real time collaboration features for editing documents and files with multiple users simultaneously, document encryption tools and PDF conversion features.

Microsoft Office 365 suite is an excellent solution for most small to mid-sized businesses. Available as both an annual subscription plan or as single purchase options, this cloud-based suite contains Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint along with many other applications like OneNote and Outlook for business. Installation on up to six devices at once makes this purchase cost-effective and flexible.

Other office suite software options are OpenOffice and LibreOffice suites, both of which can be freely downloaded and utilized. LibreOffice is an open source package compatible with most Microsoft Office programs that is suitable for almost every operating system and platform imaginable, while both OpenOffice and LibreOffice were designed specifically to facilitate collaboration across teams located across geographical regions or platforms.

Microsoft releases updated office software versions every three years; its most recent is known as Microsoft Office 2016. You can purchase this suite either as an initial one-time purchase, or monthly or yearly paid plan known as Microsoft 365 which automatically updates and provides more apps than are included with traditional stand-alone Microsoft Office suite. Plus, these programs can also be downloaded onto mobile devices running Apple iOS and Google Android operating systems and accessed online from desktop/laptop computers via web browsers – offering greater convenience and accessibility.

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