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How To Get Started With Minor Bathroom Remodels

Minor Bathroom Remodels Can Make a Big Difference

A minor bathroom remodeling project can be an important home improvement that enhances your living space and increases its value. But it doesn’t need to break your budget; costs vary based on budget and finish level chosen, so it’s wise to factor in ROI before investing in one.

It’s essential to keep in mind that the bathroom is a highly trafficked room in your house, so make sure it has up-to-date fixtures and flooring that reflect style. This could include chrome faucets, an ergonomic shower head, and toilets that are both water efficient and easy to clean.

Here are a few tips to get you started with a minor bathroom remodel:

1. Paint Your Bathroom In Light ColorsWhen designing a bathroom, opt for neutral colors. This allows you to incorporate more decorative details like wallpaper and create an airy feeling.

2. Utilize Narrow Materials

A small bathroom may seem cramped, but installing narrow materials like skinny tile can help open up the room and give it more personality.

3. Switch Up Crown Molding with Narrower Molding

Replacing heavy crown molding with narrower pieces can make a major impact on how your bathroom appears. Painting it a lighter color will allow the room to feel larger, creating an open concept feel.

4. Mirrors Are An Excellent Way To Make A Bathroom Appear Larger

Utilizing mirrors to reflect light can give a small bathroom the illusion of greater size.

5. Blend Contemporary And Antique Decor

When designing your space, incorporate elements from both styles. For instance, this bathroom pairs traditional washstands and bowls with an antique vanity for a timeless aesthetic, while the mirror adds modern sophistication.

6. Use Natural Materials

Wood and stone provide an organic look to any space. In this small bathroom, the owner chose a natural stone floor that feels like earth’s surface and adds texture.

7. Add Texture and Pattern To Your Bathroom

When selecting your design, ensure it complements the rest of your room – including cabinetry, walls, and furniture. This applies for both walls and furniture alike!

8. Add an Eye-Catching Accent to Your Bathroom with Beautiful Tiles

A striking tile backsplash like Better Homes and Gardens’ example will surely turn heads in any bathroom. This one features a mosaic that resembles a seashell for some nautical flair in the space.

9. Adopt a Beach-Inspired Look

This ocean-themed bathroom showcases blue and white tiles that evoke the seashore. Wainscoting lines the ceiling and walls, while copper fixtures add an air of elegance to the space.

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