CBD Products For Pets

When purchasing CBD products for pets, make sure they come from organic hemp extract that has been tested and proven safe with no additional ingredients or contaminants. Furthermore, these items should have labels clearly displaying the potency, quantity and dosage instructions.

Dosage & Administration

For pets, the recommended dosage is around 0.05 mg per pound twice daily. Since doses can vary depending on the pet and their condition, consulting with a veterinarian for guidance is recommended. When first starting to administer CBD to your furry friend, start off slowly by giving them less and gradually increasing until you find what level feels comfortable for them.

When administering oral products like tinctures or oils, it’s easy to measure your dosage accurately. Since these substances are miscible with most pet foods and drinks, they provide a secure and convenient means of administering the dosage.

Another alternative is topicals applied directly onto an animal’s skin. While this method may be more convenient than ingestion, it may not be suitable for all pets.

Some pets have extremely sensitive skin, while others suffer from allergies or other skin conditions that make it hard for them to get the nutrients they need. Pet CBD oil or gel can help alleviate these issues and keep their skin soft, supple and healthy.

These supplements can be beneficial for a number of conditions and health concerns, such as anxiety, arthritis and digestive disorders. They often contain CBD but also other natural components like omega-3 fatty acids and terpenes.

Studies have demonstrated that CBD can alleviate symptoms related to epilepsy, fibromyalgia and other chronic pain disorders. Furthermore, it has been known to reduce nausea and vomiting, as well as stimulate appetite.

CBD products for your pet come in many forms, from oils to topicals and even chewable treats. Here are some of the top picks:

Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures – Popular among pet parents, these tinctures provide all the advantages of CBD without any THC. Plus, they’re infused with various terpenes and other natural ingredients to give your pup or cat added support in feeling their best.

This product is a popular choice for anxious dogs and cats due to its ability to relax them. It contains relaxing oils like lavender and lemon oil which reduce stress levels and promote relaxation.

Honest Paws has earned the trust of many in the industry and boasts many satisfied customers who say this product works great for their dogs. They offer various strengths of this terpene-filled tincture, which can be mixed into food or added directly into a water bottle.

This company takes great pride in their pet CBD products, which have been third-party lab tested and manufactured by a board of veterinary advisors. Each tincture is infused with CBD, coconut oil and other natural ingredients that keep your animal’s stomach healthy and smelling fresh. Plus, they offer various flavors tailored towards dogs and cats so you’re sure to find something that appeals to their tastes.

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