Cooking Shows and Food Influencers on Social Media

Cooking shows and food influencers on social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube are a great way to promote your brand and drive engagement. These individuals typically have an extensive following on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube; their posts generate various results such as brand awareness, community involvement, and new customers.

Influencers With A Wide Reach

Food influencers typically have a large following and collaborate with brands to create high-quality content that drives brand awareness, engagement, and leads. Their content could range from reviews of restaurants to tutorials on cooking dishes – ultimately leading to new sales for various food products.

Chef Dennis Prescott (@badplating) is an acclaimed culinary expert who has amassed a large Instagram following by creating stunning plated meals for his followers to enjoy. His posts are visually appealing and his recipes are easy to follow along with, making him ideal for brands looking to increase engagement through Instagram content.

Jamie Oliver, a renowned chef and TV personality, promotes eating real foods rather than processed or packaged items. His recipes are straightforward with fresh ingredients used to achieve delicious results. His cooking videos offer great ways to learn how to cook what you love without breaking your budget for expensive equipment or supplies.

He believes everyone should have the chance to learn to cook, making him an ideal candidate for brands looking to promote cooking skills among their target audiences. His videos cover various dishes such as pasta, fried chicken and key lime pie; plus he has collaborated with Traeger Grills by sharing his favorite recipes on Instagram.

Georgia McDermott

Based in Melbourne, Georgia is your go-to health-focused, gluten-free, and dietary intolerance foodie. Her blog and Instagram feed are packed with tasty dishes that will leave you feeling good and giving your tastebuds some much needed nourishment. She strives to inspire her followers to eat healthier by making eating enjoyable and easy!

She offers nutritious meal ideas packed with vitamins and nutrients, including vegan options. Her vegan recipes are deliciously flavorful, while her FODMAP-friendly dishes make them accessible to everyone.

Cory – OneHealthyNation

He is a TV personality, entrepreneur and health influencer with more than 700k followers on social media platforms. As the founder of OneHealthyNation – an online website that educates people on living a healthier lifestyle through nutrition – Cory strives to inspire people towards greater well-being.

His content is highly engaging, and he’s constantly testing out new recipes to share them with his followers. Brands looking to reach health-conscious consumers who are willing to try new dishes should consider working with him as an excellent partner.

Jo – @JoFishFoodYum

Jo is an enthusiastic eater, and her social media feeds are filled with mouthwatering photos and videos of her culinary excursions. As someone who frequently dines out, Jo makes for an ideal influencer marketing candidate for brands looking to promote their restaurants through her presence.

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