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OK9 – the playground that dominates the game advance post Vietnamese reputation. The place where fierce card battles broke out from many different players. The game is so “captivating”, you can’t resist, just register an account to play.

Rules of playing card game

Before entering the OK9 card game playing field, the first thing you need is to immediately grasp the rules Play Tien Len card game for free. To avoid becoming a “noob”, below are some basic rules of the game you need to know.

  • Game rule number 1: in each game, there are only 2 to 4 players participating. And each person will hold in their hand 1 card that has been dealt in a deck of 52 cards.
  • Game rule number 2: when dealing cards, they will usually run in a counterclockwise direction. And the person who starts the first hand should be the player holding the 3 of spades or the winner of the previous table. 
  • Rule number 3: players can play any card in their hand. As long as that card has a higher value, it can be cut differently than the previously played card.
  • Rule number 4: during the battle of the players’ cards. If a player has no suitable cards in his hand, he has the right to skip his turn, and the next player has the right to continue.
  • Rule number 5: if there is one player in the game who has finished all the cards. The remaining three people will play with each other. The person who captures the last piece, the first winner, begins the drama and goes first. In case no one can catch it, the person sitting next to the person who has returned the card will have the right to go first.

The easiest way to play Tien Tien game at bookmaker OK9

After understanding the basic rules of the 24-hour Tien Len card game at OK9. You must learn more about ways to play to create a set of strong moves to defeat your opponent. Here are the linked sets you can create when you have these cards in your hand.

  • Pair: If you have 2 cards of the same value in your hand, quickly arrange them into pairs. Typically: pair 2 (pig), pair old (K), pair yoke (A),…
  • Four of a kind: when you own 4 cards of the same value, not of the same suit, that is, arrange them to form a linked set. For example, the strongest combination of four pigs.
  • Three pairs of cards: to create them you need to have more than 3 pairs of cards of consecutive value. Like a pair of 9s, a pair of 10s and a pair of queens.
  • Straight: when you have more than 2 cards in your hand and they have consecutive values, it creates a straight. Such as the 9th piece, 10th piece, support piece, and compact piece.

Tips to “win every time” when playing Tien Len card game in the South

Finally, when starting to participate in matches game bai ten len online. You need to accumulate more playing tips to help increase your goal ratio. Let’s take a look at some tips for playing cards “every time you win”.
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  • Game tip 1: understand the rules of the game, tight rules as well as strong card placement strategies to increase your chances of winning.
  • Playing tip 2: always keep your face expressionless, so that your opponent cannot read the status of your cards through it.
  • Playing tip 3: build a spirit of steel, before the opponent’s provocations in the card game.
  • Game tip 4: know psychological spanking tricks, control the match, master the game.
  • Tip 5: Playing Tien Tien betting game is very fun and exciting, but you need to know how to stop the fun at the right time, so as not to exceed the capital you have spent.

Bookmaker OK9 – specializes in treating Tien Len card game 2022

OK9 – playground Card game Reputable, transparent and fair online platform attracts a large number of gamers to participate choiw post. Along with a thrilling betting game space, over/under sports betting and soccer betting. The most prominent one is the Tien Tien game.

How to create an account to register for Tien Len card game

  • Step 1: Quick access to OK9’s official game page. 
  • Step 2: Then go to the game interface, click on “registration”, to switch to the form page to fill in game registration information.
  • Step 3: Fill in detailed information on the form such as email, phone number, password, login name,…
  • Step 4: Review the information you have filled in, then click “register now”.

You can download Tien Len card game for free at OK9 care to experience.

Instructions for receiving gifts at OK9

  • First, you need to register an account to play betting game OK9. 
  • Then, when you click register, switch to logging into the game.
  • Then, deposit money to play for the first time. At this point you can make convenient deposit bets. As if receiving rewards for the promotional program with the first deposit bonus for new players joining the game. 
  • Once done, the dealer will notify you of your reward. 

Game Bai Tien Len online OK9 – a close friend of the card game world. You can download Southern Tien Len for free at OK9. So, it’s not too difficult to grasp how to play advance post. Quickly create a game account and receive great startup bonuses from bookmaker OK9.

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